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Shaping youth culture, one student at a time.

Revolution Youth is a nonprofit based in Burlington, Vermont.


Interest-based community. Doing what you love, with others who love it too!

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Small groups for students committed to growing their faith and going deeper with God.

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A large event for high school students to gather together to worship God and encourage each other.

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Behind the scenes...

Our incredible volunteers run everything. Because of our team, we are able to be making the kind of impact that we are with students in Vermont and beyond.

student leaders

Our leadership training program is for students who want to be more involved with Revolution Youth. For more info, contact us.


Challenging the status-quo and pushing the bar higher with each production.


Something for every student...

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Middle School

"Rise" is currently meeting at Vibrant Church each Sunday morning.

Friendship Building

Board games, video games and snacks always help!


With strategic new lessons each week, our students are learning to seek God on their own.

High School

Frequent opportunities to be involved in the Burlington area.

Interest-based Community

Our Circles are filled with curious students doing what they love with people who love them.


Our Roots small groups frequently meet in homes and public spaces to help students grow in their faith.


Currently meeting, and planning a rapid expansion in 2020.


Each week we gather to pray for each other, our community and ministries.


With service-based approach, we have some amazing opportunities for college students to learn, grow and be locally planted.

high school

Exciting youth events each month.

Here's a call to each church and ministry in Burlington area and beyond: don't miss out on our Underground events. We believe there's power in numbers, and God is doing something special here!

When your students are surrounded by other youth their age who love Jesus, it has a ripple effect in their own lives. If you've never come to an Underground, try one! If you have, come check out our all new format and exciting changes.

Bringing together Christian students.

Get a pass

If you're over 18 and working with youth, please contact us to get a "green light" for attendance.


Bring your students

All high school age students are welcome each month at Underground.


Start or join Roots

Underground is just the beginning. Roots are the way we stay connected. Sign up now!


Some exciting numbers!

These are conservative estimates based on our
events, response and follow up afterwards.




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